Travel Made Luxurious Again

Our aircraft and services provides for the use of over 6,000 airports across the United States. Not only will you skip the tedious and hectic complications of traveling from the crowded and overbooked passenger terminals of the major airport hubs, you will also have access to local airports that can put you closer to your final destination.


Top-Rated Safety

We maintain a Gold Argus rating.

Less Time on the Ground

Skip the security lines and long wait at the gate. You can take off within 30 minutes of arriving at the airport.

Better Experience

We don't charge extra for legroom. Enjoy the most comfortable flight of your life.


Our Planes

Brazos valley Air Charter currently leases a number of Piaggio Avanti II aircraft. BVAC owns its own King Air aircraft as well as having access to a variety of planes for your individual/unique charter needs. BVAC's staff has decades of experience in the worldwide aircraft charter market and can always find the best aircraft to suit your corporate or personal lift needs. This includes both domestic and international operations.


Travel Up To 450 MPH

Designed For Comfort

Deluxe Cabin with Seating for up to 8

Long Range

Range of Up to 1,500 miles

Aircraft Management

If you are an aircraft owner, then you are aware of the unique nature of aircraft ownership and some of its challenges. BVAC has an experienced staff that can assist our clients in all phases of aircraft management. This would include:

  • Identification of your aircraft needs based on mission profile and budget
  • Detailed market analysis of the worldwide aircraft market
  • Pre-Buy supervision and coordination of maintenance and valuation of possible purchases
  • Ongoing Maintenance and management after the purchase to include tax advice and proper registration
  • Ongoing management to obtain dispatch reliability and experience, expert crew staffing
  • Lease, Leaseback, or chartering of your aircraft to help offset ongoing expenses

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